2018 HAVlife™ Golf Outing

2018 HAVlife™ Golf Outing

2018 HAVlife™ Golf Outing

Save the date for the 2018 HAVlife™ Golf Outing on September 24, at Crow Valley Country Club. Join us for a day on the green to raise money and support to continue our mission of Preventing Lost Potential™! More details coming soon!

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HAVlife™ Quad Cities Grant Recipient Highlights


Martini Shake Off Takes Off by Ashley Richmond

The HAVlife™ Martini Shake Off!™ returned to Davenport's River Center Thursday night. 25 local bars and restaurants served up their take on the popular drink.

The Sketches Left Behind: Honoring the Legacy of an Artist by Alma Gaul

Walk into Suite 205 of Davenport's Bucktown Center for the Arts, and you'll see affixed to the four walls, all around you, dozens of charcoal sketches of the naked female form, known as life drawings.
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