Preventing Lost Potential™

We aim to ignite a spark of hope in Quad City youth ages 10 to 15 to live life to the fullest, no matter what!
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Join Us for the 2018 HAVlife™ Golf Outing

Save the date for the 2018 HAVlife™ Golf Outing on September 24, at Crow Valley Country Club. Join us for a day on the green to raise money and support to continue our mission of Preventing Lost Potential™! More details coming soon!
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Empowering Dreamers to Become Doers

When it comes to youth participation in music, sports and arts education, the benefits are endless!
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Instilling Lifelong Lessons

Participating in sports plays a primary role in academic
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Enhancing Creativity

Visual arts help children build the critical thinking skills necessary to live a life of potential!
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Reaching New Heights

Research shows music facilitates learning, enhances language development and stimulates the brain!
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2018 HAVlife™ Golf Outing

Grab your clubs, pick your team and join us as we play to Prevent Lost Potential on September 24th, at Crow Valley Country Club!

2018 HAVlife™ Big Spin

We’re jamming out for a great cause!
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About HAVlife™ Quad Cities

HAVlife™ Quad Cities was the first of three HAVlife™ chapters established to shed light on lost potential in youth ages 10 to 15. Through local school systems, community organizations and generous individuals, HAVlife™ works with these individuals to Prevent Lost Potential through music, art and athletics!
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Quad Cities Homepage

Donate to HAVlife™ Quad Cities

Make a difference in a child's life by donating to Prevent Lost Potential! Your contribution stays right here in the Quad Cities to help support youth ages 10 to 15 in the areas of arts, music and athletics!
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Quad Cities Homepage

HAVlife™ Quad Cities Grants

In 2017 HAVlife™ impacted 945 in the areas of sports, music and the arts. Whether you’re an individual or an organization that aims to support and empower youth around the Quad Cities, consider applying for a grant!

945 Youth Impacted

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Get Involved with HAVlife™ Quad Cities

We are always on the lookout for volunteers that share our mission to Prevent Lost Potential in the Quad Cities!
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HAVlife™ Quad Cities Grant Recipient Highlights


Martini Shake Off Takes Off by Ashley Richmond

The HAVlife™ Martini Shake Off!™ returned to Davenport's River Center Thursday night. 25 local bars and restaurants served up their take on the popular drink.

The Sketches Left Behind: Honoring the Legacy of an Artist by Alma Gaul

Walk into Suite 205 of Davenport's Bucktown Center for the Arts, and you'll see affixed to the four walls, all around you, dozens of charcoal sketches of the naked female form, known as life drawings.
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Connect with HAVlife™ Quad Cities
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