Take a look at the dedicated group of individuals that make up the HAVlife™ Quad Cities Chapter Board

HAVlife™ Quad Cities Chapter Board

HAVlife™ is fortunate enough to work with a dedicated group of individuals with a passion to Prevent Lost Potential in the young dreamers and doers that make up the Quad Cities.

Audra Foley, Director  photo

Audra Foley, Director

Director of Media, TAG
Baron Vondran, Vondran Family Representative photo

Baron Vondran, Vondran Family Representative

Bob Lundin, Director Emeritus photo

Bob Lundin, Director Emeritus

Retired, Lundin & Associates
Clemens A. (Cal) Werner, Esq., Chair photo

Clemens A. (Cal) Werner, Esq., Chair

Stanley, Lande & Hunter
Dale Zude, Vice Chair  photo

Dale Zude, Vice Chair

President, Courtesy/Kimberly/Courtesy Ford/Key Auto Mall
Dave Bender, Director Emeritus photo

Dave Bender, Director Emeritus

Promotion Support Services Inc.
Dave Parochetti, Director photo

Dave Parochetti, Director

President, Parochetti Enterprises/Taco Bell
Heidi Parkhurst, Director photo

Heidi Parkhurst, Director

Senior Vice President Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch, Senior Resident Director
John DeDoncker, Treasurer photo

John DeDoncker, Treasurer

Executive Vice President, TBK Bank
Kimberly Guy, President and CEO photo

Kimberly Guy, President and CEO

President, Trackers Inc.
Lynn C. Gibson, Director  photo

Lynn C. Gibson, Director

Business Development, Bush Construction
Marshall Porter, Past Chairman photo

Marshall Porter, Past Chairman

Vice President and General Manager, WHBF TV / KGCW TV / This TV
Mike Thoms, Director photo

Mike Thoms, Director

Mayor of Rock Island
Mike Vondran, Founder photo

Mike Vondran, Founder

Paul VanDuyne, Director photo

Paul VanDuyne, Director

President, IMEG Corp
Shannon Adams, Secretary photo

Shannon Adams, Secretary

Principal, Domicile Investments

HAVlife™ Events Around the Quad Cities

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HAVlife™ Quad Cities Grant Recipient Highlights


Martini Shake Off Takes Off by Ashley Richmond

The HAVlife™ Martini Shake Off!™ returned to Davenport's River Center Thursday night. 25 local bars and restaurants served up their take on the popular drink.

The Sketches Left Behind: Honoring the Legacy of an Artist by Alma Gaul

Walk into Suite 205 of Davenport's Bucktown Center for the Arts, and you'll see affixed to the four walls, all around you, dozens of charcoal sketches of the naked female form, known as life drawings.
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